Bacteria/ Virus or Pathogen Research Paper and PPT


  1. Name of the Pathogen (Give me the common name and the scientific name)
  2. Is it a bacteria , virus, or fungus?
  3. Is it contagious? How is it transmitted?
  4. What is the source? Where do people get it from?
  5. What is the shape? (Describe and show a picture)
  6. What is the name of  the disease it causes?
  7. What part(s) of the body can it infect?
  8. How long does it take (after infection) to start to show symptoms in the body? What are those symptoms?
  9. How is it treated? Name if drugs or vaccine:
  10. Can it be deadly? How long does it take to be cured?
  11. History: When did this pathogen first appear?  How did scientists handle it? Did a lot of people die?