Genetic Disorders

 Power Point Research Project

Biology Ms Ramirez

Due June 5th

1. Requirements for Project

3.  PowerPoint Tutorial (see below)

Power Point Tutoral

Start a new slide?  Top Menu INSERT, NEW SLIDE

Change the background design for the slides? Top Menu , FORMAT, SLIDE DESIGN (then choose from styles that appear at the right)

Preview your presentation? Top Menu SLIDESHOW, VIEW SHOW

Spell Check your work? Top Menu TOOLS, SPELLCHECK

To insert a picture .... minimize the PPT presentation , open a new window or tab.

                                    Go to Google images, search for what you want a picture of ,

                                    Click on the picture until you get the biggest size possible

                                    Then right click on the picture and COPY (If that doesn't work, Highlight the picture and choose COPY from the EDIT button at the top menu)

                                     Go back ad maximize your PPT presentation and RIGHT CLICK in a corner of the presentation and paste. Then LEFT click once on the picture to

                                     select it and move it, You can also grab a corner and make the picture bigger or smaller

To SAVE - go to the top menu FILE,  SAVE AS,  open up the SAVE IN menu at the top by pressing the arrow down button, when the menu opens up save it in the H DRIVE hat has your student number as a name.