Concept: Cell Reproduction

Academic : Mitosis and Meiosis  Honors


Handouts / Worksheets      Cell Division       Cell Division Graphic

Regulating Cell Cycle            Cell Cycle Graphic

Cell Growth

Surface Area vs Volume- Graphic

Vocabulary Review

Cell Reproduction Review

OOcyte and Spermatocyte "A Love Story"

Haploid / Diploid Practice

Meiosis Extended Packet with Quiz

Notes  Introduction to Cell Division


 "Love Story"

 Twins Lecture

Labs  Onion Root Tip and Fish Blastula


Video Links  Meiosis Square Dance



Video Quizzes  Journey into Life: Triumph of Creation   Answers

Standard Deviants: Cell Division Part 1 Mitosis

Articles Twin baby boys have two different fathers

A Thing or Two About Twins

Twins and Fingerprints

Review Websites  Mitosis Quiz

Tracking Ovulation

Review Games  
Online Text book Academic


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