Concept: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Academic : Chapter 6 and 7  Honors :



Handouts / Worksheets


Photosynthesis Worksheet

Photosynthesis Overview

Absorption of Chlorophyll worksheet

8-1 Worksheet

8-2 Worksheet

8-3 Worksheet

Vocab Review Sheet Fill in the Blank

Vocab Review Sheet Multiple Choice

Review Sheet for Chapter 6 Test 

Balancing Equations Worksheets from Chemistry

Review Sheet for Photosynthesis Quiz

Photosynthesis Practice Quiz

Handouts / Worksheets

Cellular Respiration


9-1 Worksheet

9-2 worksheet

Cell Resp Concept Map

Vocab Review worksheet

Notes skeleton sheet 1

Notes skeleton sheet 2

Review Sheet for Chapter 7 Test

Comparing Photosynthesis and Respiration

Notes  Typed Photosynthesis Notes One and  Two 

 Types Cellular Respiration Notes One and Two

Introduction to Photosynthesis


Light and Pigments

The History

Photosynthesis Equation

ATP Energy

Light Reactions

Photosynthesis End

Cell Respiration Part 1

Cell Respiration Part 2


Labs Elodea and Co2 Lab Extended

Elodea Lab Shortened

Elodea Lab with Distances

Goldfish Respiration Lab

Cell Resp Balloon and Yeast Juice

Cell Resp Push Lab Old Results

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Video Quizzes  Plant Life in Action: Photosynthesis
Articles Cardio or weights first?



Review Websites  Cell Resp Review Worksheets Honors/AP

Cell Respiration/Fermentation Review

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Articles Why Leaves Change Color

Nuclear Energy, Fuel, Power


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