Concept: Intro. to Biology

Lab Safety, Tools, Graphing, Observation& Inference, Control and Variables, Scientific Method, Characteristics of Living things, Metric System and Conversions.


Academic : Ch 1  Honors :



First Days of School Official Business  Student Survey        Classroom rules   

 Lab Report Format    Lab Report Sample

 Lab Report Grading Rubric

 LR Lengthy format



Handouts / Worksheets  The Deadly Picnic (lab on deductive reasoning)

Recognizing Lab Safety    Safety in the Lab(8.1)

Tools of a scientist(8.2)   Safety Cartoon and Questions

Flinn Safety Contract            Science Lab Safety Test

Using Graphing Skills-8   Graphing Hair Color 

How to Graph On Excel            Lab Equip Review

Using the Microscope Packet

Inference: Boy in the water  and Ques / Ancient Coin

Simpsons: Controls and Variables  Study Guide:Sci Method

Sci Meth: Elephant Story          Sci Meth: Beri Beri 

Is Sammy Alive?    Idea Map: Living things and their Parts

Measuring Length     Length Lab Worksheet   Lesson 1 Length

Metric Mania:  Mass    Volume      Basic Unit , Overhead Copy, Conversion Challenge   Metric Mania Survey   Metric Mania Vocab

         Metric Conversions, Conversion Practice, English or Metric?



Assignments Cover the Textbook

Sketch safety symbols and the labeled microscope

Making Bar and Pie Graphs

Notes  Intro Theory Hypothesis

Levels of Organization

Characteristics of Living things

Tools and Procedures

Tools Practice

Observations :Inferences

Safety Symbols

Scientific Method

Sci Method Example



Labs  Volume of Irregular Objects   

 Measuring Lung Capacity

 Letter "e" lab    

 Sci Method: Thumb Wrestling

 Spontaneous Gen Lab II

 Measurement Lab and Conclusion Questions

  Metric System Ques and Packet


Video Links  

Technology: Invention of the first cellphone (Research questions)


Video Quizzes  Lab Safety   

Biology Basics

Quizzes     Microscope and Symbols Quiz

 Graphing and Lab Skills     

 Vital Capacity and SA Quiz

  Intro to Science Quiz       Scientific Method Quiz

 Sci Method Quiz:Gaccione    

 Ch1: Online Practice Qz

Review Websites  Metric Measurement and Safety


Review Games  
Online Text book Academic



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5.1 Science Practices

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