Concept: Genetics

Academic : Chapters 10 and 12  Honors : 


Handouts / Worksheets   Skeleton Notes

     Work of Gregor Mendel 11-1

      Probability and Punnett Sqaures 11-2

 Genetics Information Packet Questions

Ratio of Unmarried men to Women Info Table




Notes  Genetics Intro

Brookings 11-1

Brookings 11-2

Test Crosses
What genes do you have?

Chromosomal Abnormalities

Probability Labs

Labs   Oompah Loompah Punnett Square Practice

  Baby Face Lab

Karyotype Reference Sheet

Karyotype Identify the disorder---Worksheets

Human Traits Lab

Making Babies Lab-- Advanced


Video Links  
Video Quizzes  Eyes of Nye genetically Modifies Foods
Articles Eye Color Articles and Questions

Blue Eyed Paternity    Blue Eyes Ancestor

No single eye color gene    All Article Questions

Fertility Dr will let Parents Build their own baby

Conjoined twins are One in a Million

"Is being left handed, a genetic trait?"

Beyond the Human Genome


Projects  Genetic Disorders Projects and Guidelines
Review Websites  P-squARe prActICE

Punnett Sqaure Online Quiz

Online Practice Punnett Sqaures MTSU

Dihybrid Cross tutorial

Practice Different Inheritance patterns

Sex Chromosome Abnormalities Review


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Online Text book Academic


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