Concept: Chemistry

Chemistry of Life and Biochemistry

Academic : Ch 2 and Ch3  Honors :


Handouts / Worksheets Atoms worksheet and packet (page 2)

1-54Rules Chart Worksheet

Balancing Equations Practice worksheet page 1 only

Balancing Act: Practice Worksheets

Atoms Family Album

Elemental Tale: Gold Dust Kid and Answer Sheet

Chemical Basis of Life Packet

Periodic Table

Bonding Basics Practice Page

Acids Bases Coloring and Review

Worksheets    2-1    2-2     2-3    2-4   Review Vocab

Amino Acids Article and Questions Sheet



Assignments Chapters 2 and 3 definitions

Draw atoms for elements 1-16

Notes  1 Intro to Chemistry

2 Chemical Formulas / Isotopes

3 Bonds:Ionic Covalent

Practice for Ionic and Covalent Bonds

4 Solution and Suspensions

5 Water

6 Acids and Bases

7 Organic Chemistry

8 Amino Acids

8a Chemical Reactions

9 Enzymes

Balancing Equations

Periodic Table

Solids Liquids and Gases



Labs Enzyme Lab Questions worksheet

Enzyme Lab Report Template

Solutions Lab Sheet

Solutions Lab Worksheet

Solubility Lab

Acids Bases Lab Sheet

Acids and Bases Worksheet

Mini Chemical Reactions Lab Sheet

Mini Chemical Reactions Lab Worksheet

Mini Chemical Reactions Lab Presentation

Water Occurrence worksheet

Isotopes of Pennies Lab     Assessment Sheet

Exact Masses of Elements and Isotopes Reference

Cabbage Juice Indicator Lab

Acids and Bases and their effect on Living things

Acids and Bases Lab Questions

Water Mini-Labs to accompany lecture

Occurrence of Water in Living Things

Penny Lab

How many Drops fit on a Penny Lab


Class Quizzes  Periodic Table Quiz

Balancing Equations Quiz

Bonding Quiz

Symbols Quiz


Projects  Tutorial: Using Search Engines for School Research

Molecule Project

Element Project

Video Links  
Video Quizzes  Cambridge Atoms and Molecules

 Bill Nye : Atoms


Articles Acids and Bases

Acidos y Bases (Spanish) 

Burns By Acids and Bases 

"Is drinking distilled water safe?"

"Is it ok to drink your own urine, for survival...?"

What does salt do to cells?


Review Websites  Atoms Vs ions

Valence Electrons (Ionic/Covalent Bonds)

Burns by Acids and bases

Chemical Burns (Warning: These pics are very graphic)

Salts and how they relate to Acids/Bases

Water Properties Simple Review

Polar vs. Non-polar molecules

Acid Alkaline Balance for Good Health

Solutions Thorough Tutorial

Facts about aluminum (Thanks Zelda!)

Review Games  
Online Text book Academic


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5.2 Physical Science

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