Concept: Cells

Cells Structure  and Osmosis/Diffusion

Academic : Ch4 and Ch5  Honors :


Handouts / Worksheets        



What is a Cell?

Levels of Organization

Cell Organelles   Wordbank

The above 3 worksheets go with the webquest below:

                         Cell Webquest

Typed in Depth Notes and some worksheets

The Cell is Like a City Online Study Guide

Cell Parts Quiz Online Review

7-3 Cell Boundaries        Answer sheet


Notes          Cells Intro and Grow Bigger

Cells Osmosis Diffusion with Labs

Cell Transport through the membrane

Labs             Cheek Cell Lab online

Cheek Cell Onion Cell Lab Presentation

Cheek Cell Onion Cell Lab

Cheek Cell Onion Cell Lab Questions

Active Transport in Yeast Cells

Diffusion Lab    Question Sheet

Potato Osmosis

Honey I shrunk the carrots

Egg Lab Resource



Video Links        Cell Transport Videos

Endocytosis, Exocytosis and Pinocytosis - Video Clip 

Video Quizzes          The Cell- Video Publishing

Diffusion and Osmosis

Homeostasis Video Quiz


Articles         Radio Station Sued in Water Drinking Death

Hyponatremia "Water Intoxication"



Projects      Cancerous Type of Cell

Specialized Type of Cell

Review Websites       Cells Parts       Cell Parts 2

Animal vs Plant Cells

Transport Across Cell Membranes

Endocytosis     Phagocytosis  Pinocytosis

Review Games        Cells Jeopardy 1

Cells Jeopardy 2

Cells Jeopardy 3

Online Text book        Academic


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  5.3 Life Science

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