Ms Ramirez

Belleville HS, NJ

Science League

Biology I: Entrance Exam

Test will be given Thursday 11/30/17 after school in room 222

Test Begins promptly at 2:45

** If you are not able to make it due to other commitments, make an appointment with your science teacher to take the exam, by Friday 12/1/2017

Below are the topics on the exam, and links/ videos that will help you review.


Biology basics  

The science of biology

scientific method, valid experiments, testable hypothesis


Intro to ecosystems

Energy storage, herbivoes, carnivores,


Biogeochemical cycles

Nitrogen cycle, nitrogen fixation


phototropism, gravitropsim


Intro to population ecology

Population growth & regulation


Behavioral ecology


Animal behavior
Behavioral ecology

Nocturnal vs Diurnal

Human systems/ physiology/ development  

Circulatory and pulmonary systems

- focus on heart disease, heart structure and blood flow, coronary artery

- respiration, lung structure and function, diagram and path of


Human systems/ physiology/ development  

Development & differentiation

--oocyte, 3 layers, zygote, blastula, gastrula

Human systems

scurvy, rickets, beri beri, anemia

Human systems/ physiology/ development

Children of thalidomide

Human systems/ physiology/ development

Macro, Micro-digestion, mastication, peristalsis, pepsin, saliva, path from mouth to anus, glucose levels, fat, energy

Human systems/ physiology/ development  

The neuron and nervous system

nerve cells, structure, communication




Intro to biotechnology

DNA analysis methods

Gel electrophoresis, PCR purpose and benefits



Extracting DNA, Precipitating DNA out of solution



DNA Fingerprinting


Early Earth  

Formation of Earth and early life

- Miller and Urey, first organisms?, Early earth conditions


Evolution and natural selection

Evidence for evolution: fossils, DNA

Photosynthesis vs. Cell respiration  

Intro to photosynthesis

Introduction to cellular respiration

products, and reactants


Trisomy condition, Klinefelter's, Huntington's, Turners