Ms. Ramirez's

AP Biology

Belleville High School


Power Points and Videos used in class  

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Intro to AP  
Chapter 1 - Themes                Scientific Method Homework  
Chapter 2 - Biochemistry            
Chapter 3  - Carbon an d macromolecules  
Chapter 4 : Organic Compounds: carbs  nucleic acids  proteins  lipids  
Chapter 5 : Properties of Water  
Chapter 6 : Cells and organelles


Review of Cell

ER pathway


Smooth ER

Ribosomes and protein assembly

Chapter 7 : Cell membrane: osmosis diffusion  
Chapter 8 : PPT Foglia     PPT Girard

Metabolism and Enzymes

Cell Transport Review Packets 

Pedialyte and Dehydration Article 

Cryogenics article



Activation energy


Enzyme function and inhibition (with audio narration)


Chapter 9  - Resources

Cell Respiration Diagrams

Cell Resp Review

Cell Respiration Krebs Cycle 

Cellular Respiration - "The Basics "  Notes Sheet 

Cell Respiration Concept Map

Aerobic - Anaerobic Diagram

Powerpoints for Chapter 9 

PPT Foglia  (5) 

ATP   Glycolysis     Overview       ETC  

Beyond Glucose 

Girard PPT Cell Respiration 

ANSWERS TO Cell Resp/Photo 

Test Study Guide

Chapter 10 Photosynthesis   Calvin Cycle  Cam Pathway

Photosynthesis- "The Basics "  Notes Sheet 

Jeopardy Games for Review

Easy Game 1

Tougher Game 2

Chapter 11 Cell Communication- Foglia  IP3 signal tutorial
Chapter 12 Cell Division

   Cell Cycle- Foglia      Mitosis Regulation- Foglia

** extras  DNA Replication  - Foglia

Cell Cycle Tutorial

Online onion root tips

Cell Cycle Game 

Cell Cycle Clock checkpoints

Chapter 13  Meiosis  - Foglia  
Chapter 14 Mendel- Foglia

Beyond Mendel's Ideas- Foglia


Chapter 15 Chromosomal Basis 

Chromosomal Abnomalities - Foglia

 Human Genetics - Foglia

Chapter 16 Molecular Basis 

DNA History - Foglia


Online Test
Chapter 17 Genes to Proteins     Gene to Protein- Foglia    Mutations- Foglia Transcription Video


Excellent animation video shown in class

By gaylin Guevara in Youtube

Notes from Class


Chap 18  Bacterial Gene Control     Eukaryotic Gene Control    (both by Foglia)   
Chap 19 "Viruses"  Virus PPT Basic      Kuru Disease: Prions and Cannabalism 

Man immune to HIV

Nairobi Women Immune to HIV- (Not CCR5!)

HIV cured?

Chap 20  Biotechnology   : Foglia Notes         BioTech       Sort and Copy            Better Plasmids       Sequencing 


Chap 21 Genomic Evolution    Foglia Notes


Chap 22 Darwin: Descent with Modification        Foglia Notes Darwin     Foglia Notes Selection    Foglia Notes Evidence  

Foglia Notes Tests for Evolution


Chap 23 Evol of Populations                  Foglia Notes on Populations              Foglia Notes Hardy-Weinberg


Chap 24 Origin of Species     Foglia Notes


Chap 25 History of Life      Foglia  Notes 


Chap 26 Phylogeny  (7th ed. Ch25)             Notes      Phylogeny Notes Girard    

Phylogeny Notes Textbook


Chap 27  Prokaryotes  (7th ed. Ch 26)      Foglia Notes       Girard Notes


Gram Postitive vs Gram negative Bacteria 
Chap 28 Protists    Foglia


Chap 29 Plants 1    Foglia


Chap 30 Plants 2   Girard PPT    fixed


Chap 31 Fungi   Foglia PPT    fixed


Chap 32 Animal Diversity   Girard PPT      Online Flowchart Site 


Chap 33 Invertebrates   Foglia PPT      Girard PPT          Note-Taking Sheet for Girard 


Chap 34  Vertebrates       Girard PPT 


Animal Nutrition

Ch 40 Girard

Ch 41 Girard

Pit Bull Attack Hoboken/Leg Injury

Muscle Regeneration

Stomach digestion

Full human digestion

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery


Chap 42 circulation and gas exchange   FogliaCirculationPPT       Foglia Gas ExchangePPT                      GirardPPT

Transmission of HIV mom to fetus

Study Guide Girard

Lab 10 Review

Cardiology Webquest

Kids dies from playing too much X-box

Kids dies ...ABC news Video

Pump your Blood- Episode Happy Days

Capillaries     Heart Structure

Cardiac Cycle    Heart Animation

Lymphatic System

Chap 43 Immunity      Foglia PPT          Girard PPT                         Epipen Article      Study Guide Girard

Review Questions Girard

Immune Defenders game

Immunology Lab

ELISA Antibody Testing


Immune System     
Chap 44 Osmoregulation and Excretion                  Girard                        Foglia

 Label a nephron 

   Identify on a nephron     

  Video: Journey through a nephron

 Video: Bozeman talks about the Nephron

Chap 45 Hormones and the endocrine system                      Girard                       Foglia 

                                                                          Study Chart for Hormone Quiz

Chapter 46 Animal reproduction                      Foglia      Girard         Reproduction Problem Set Online     Article FGC

                                                                         Diagram female Repro. Sys.       Diagram Male Repro. Sys.

Women prettier when ovulating

The Science of Sex Appeal

How thePill works Tutorial

Chapter 47 Animal Development                         Girard  
Ch 48 Neurons Synapsis and Signaling         Foglia  The Doctors on MS 

MS on youtube

Montel Williams having MS 

Ch 49Nervous Systems  Girard  
Ch 50 Sensory and Motor Mechanisms  Girard  
Ch 51  Animal Behavior   Girard   Foglia  Classical Conditioning Video

Operant Conditioning Video

Genie Wiley 12 min TLC Documentary Video 

Genie Wiley- Full Length Video 

Brother of Genie Wiley Speaks 

Feral Children- Full Length Film

Ch 52 Intro to Ecology  Girard    Foglia  
Ch 53  Population Ecology  Girard   Foglia  
Ch 54  Community Ecology   Girard   Foglia  
Ch 55  Ecosystems  Girard  Foglia  
Ch 56 Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology

Girard   Foglia