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AP Biology is both a difficult, yet fun course!

This is a college course and you will be held to high expectations and mature responsibilities

just like a college freshman taking Introduction to  Biology.


I view this course as a team effort. While each person needs to complete and hand in their

own work, study groups and cooperative effort are strongly encouraged. You never learn

something as well as when you are able to explain it to someone else


Students are expected to be on time to class every day. If you are illegally absent, you will

not get any credit for assignments/ activities of that day. Students must make up missed exams, the very next day you are present in class. Make-up labs and extra help sessions are by appointment only.


a. large 3-ring notebook (~3 inch) for handouts & labs, with folders

b. lined loose leaf paper

c. blue or black pen and pencil to be brought to class EVERY day

d. textbook: Biology (5th Edition) by N. Campbell, J. Reece, L. Mitchell (w/ CD-ROM)

e. Barron's AP Biology review workbook (to be purchased from

f. Flashdrive, colored pencils, and calculator to be brought to class as needed


I have built a Web site which supports this course,

Check the Web site daily for assignments, PowerPoint lectures, and many other resources.


Keep a 3-ring binder notebook for only Biology. Students will use guided notes that support

lecture presentations. Notebooks should be dated sequentially and may be turned in for

points on test days. Incorporate into your notebook the handouts, homework, class work,

quizzes, etc. Keep a separate section for lab activities


AP Biology has 12 recommended lab activities. We complete these and additional labs

through College Board labs, supplemental labs, computer simulations, and field trips. Lab

assignments must be completed according to the standard format (unless otherwise noted).

Lab reports are due one (1) week after the lab is completed.

Students will lose credit for each day late and earn only a maximum of 50% for a satisfactory

report after 2 weeks late. If you are legally absent for a lab activity you must make it up

ASAP by appointment afterschool. Some activities cannot be made up, but you are still responsible for

a write-up that includes the purpose, procedure, results, and concepts of the activity. Labs

will be returned to you for review and I will then keep them on file.


Textbook Reading: Very Important! Read the book nightly, stay up-to-date to be prepared.

HW Assignments: Homework is assigned nightly. They will be checked or graded and

returned ASAP. Keep them in your notebook. If you are absent, you are expected to

complete the work within a day. Late assignments will receive half credit if late but

completed before the exam, and no credit after the exam.

AP Essay Assignments: Essays are an integral part of the AP exam. Essays are assigned

throughout the term to prepare for the AP exam. Essay assignments will be worth 10-20

points and are incorporated into your Exam & Quiz average. Essays will be checked or

graded and returned ASAP. Keep them in your notebook. If you are absent, you are

expected to complete the work within a day. Late assignments will receive half credit if late

but completed before the exam and no credit after the exam.

Lab Assignments: As stated above, labs must be completed within one (1) week after

completion of lab activity in class, so consider this part of regular homework.


Exams are composed of AP exam questions and AP-style exam questions as well as AP

style essays. Exams will sometimes take double periods and time will be limited just as it is

on the AP Exam. Exam questions will be based on class notes and the Campbell text.


Grades will be calculated on a percentage basis. The value of each individual assignment

varies, and is dependent on how many of that type of work is assigned each quarter. Each

student earns their grade based on the quality of work they complete. I do not grade on a

“bell curve”. Following is an approximation of a quarter's grade distribution.

Exams & Quizzes 50%

Labs & Lab Reports 25%

Homework 15%

Class work & Participation 10%

4th Quarter is unique, since much of it occurs after the AP Exam. The 4th Quarter

student project is valued at 50% of the quarter grade.


I am available by appointment afterschool. Come prepared with specific questions, problems, or labs.


The course work will be completed be the end of April. You will have a chance to review and

all AP Biology students will be given a summation exam before the AP Exam. After the AP

exam you are expected to attend class. We will use that time to complete student projects.

These activities are a major part of the 4th quarter.

The AP Exam is administered in early May.

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