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The Biology Project: an interactive, online resource for learning biology

The Biology Project is an online source of tutorials, interactive activities, problem sets and content developed at the University of Arizona.   This is an excellent site to visit during a unit to reinforce concepts covered in class and as a review before exams.

The On-Line Biology Book was created by Dr. Michael J. Farabee at Estrella Community College.  The site contains lecture notes, numerous pictures and links to applicable sites on the web.  The table of contents is easy to follow and detailed enough to avoid wasting time.  The many pictures and diagrams may make this site load slowly.

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This site follows an introductory Biology course at MIT.   There are chapters covering general chemistry, macromolecules, cell biology, enzyme biochemistry, photosynthesis, glycolysis, DNA, immunology, Mendelian genetics, gene expression, and recombinant DNA.  There are reviews of each section and a thorough terminology section.  The many pictures and diagrams may make this site load slowly.

Kimball's Biology Pages

Search for topics of interest and then read the mini-essays at any one of the above links.  Includes diagrams of related information.

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A great collection of images, animations, and movies of cells, viruses and other interesting microscopic stuff.

Read Gregor Mendel's Work (German and English!).  Hyperlinked text defines vocabulary used in his paper to a thorough glossary:

Morgan Genetics Tutorial.  Waksman Student Scholars Homepage.  Site includes tutorial on genes and chromosomes, probability, linkage maps, crossing over, mutations and sex-linked traits.  You must register your name in order to use.  Slow download time due to Frames.

UC Berkeley site with characteristics of Plant kingdom, pictures, morphology, phylogeny.  Tons of information!

UC Berkeley site with characteristics of Fungi kingdom, pictures, morphology, phylogeny.

iowastatelogo.gif (11383 bytes)Iowa State University, Dept. of Entomology Image Gallery.  Good information for your Bug's Life Assignment!

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University of Kansas JayDoc HistoWeb.   Excellent pictures of tissues.  Types and functions of tissues discussed in class.



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 Classification & Taxonomy
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